2020 International Conference on Materials in Civil Engineering (MICE 2020) will be changed to online meeting on October 23-25, 2020.
It aims to provide an international platform for scholars, practicing engineers, designers, researchers and other practitioners who are interested in all aspects relating to properties and applications of civil engineering materials.
All submitted full papers will be peer reviewed by 2-3 reviewers, based on originality, technical and research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.
The proceedings of MICE2020 were published online by IOP press, please download it from: https://iopscience.iop.org/issue/1757-899X/1028/1
MICE2020 onsite conference will be changed to online meeting for the academic exchanges & discussions.

Publication: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Online ISSN: 1757-899X
Print ISSN: 1757-8981
Index: Submitted for indexing by Ei Compendex, CPCI, etc.

Latest Accepted Papers (Updated on November 18,2020)

MICE12062: Effect of Ni on the oxygen reduction reaction for ……
Shan Jiang, Ning Cai, Jianping Cao, Jianwei Yang

MICE15624: Weak inter-layer bonding in extrusion 3D concrete printing……
Nazar Muhammad Salman, Guowei Ma, Nauman Ijaz, Li Wang

MICE14845: Effects of temperature and water-to-cement ratio on ……
Xueyu Pang, Lijun Sun, Socorria Dos Santos Araujo and Yuhuan Bu

MICE17323: Foaming Effect Influence of PBT / ABS Resin as ……
Huang Ming, Chen Hongpo, Shi Xiao and Wen Xuejun

MICE11047: Research on the Performance Changes of the Binder of ……
Tian Jianjun, Shi Xiao, Chen Hongpo and Ji Shuzhen

MICE17626: Research on Influencing Factors of High Temperature Performance of ……
Li Xinrui

MICE18022: Study on non-destructive reinforcing material of ……
Wang zhiwei,Ma weibin,Ma zhaohui

MICE11133: The effect of the thickness of steel pipe in linear and 2-dimensional……
Yu-xi Song, Xian-qi Chen, Zi-jian Di and Yi-hang Sun

MICE12720: Influence of Freezing-thawing Cycles on Strength of Fiber Recycled……
Dong Shihai, He Yuanyuan, Huang Jingqiang, Dong Jiangfeng

MICE19315: Collapse behavior simulation of cylindrical steel shell……
Wang Menghong, Shi Feiyu, Zhao Yaoxiang, Zheng Xiaobin

MICE14996: Investigation of carbonation resistance of recycled aggregate……
Zhiheng Deng, Bing Liu and Ying Huang

MICE18755: Research and Application of Anticorrosive Concrete for Shafts……
Guisheng Cai, Jie Zhang, Tongwei Lu, Lei Guo and Jinhuan Lv

MICE18202: Effect of acid on the early strength of aluminum sulfate……
Wang Liya, Cai Guisheng, Yang Maoqan and Lu Tongwei

MICE11042: Mechanical Characteristics and Comfort Evaluation……
Jing Xu, Xijun Chen, Jing Li and Zeyu Li

MICE17076: Effect of various testing parameters on the experimental evaluation……
Jiankun Qin, Xueyu Pang, Zhongfei Liu, Zhengqing Ai, Ning Li

MICE2020 covers the development, processing, evaluation, applications, and performance of construction materials in civil engineering. The topic is including but not limited to:

  1. Properties of Civil Engineering Materials
  2. Construction Steel
  3. Cementitious Materials
    (Lime, Gypsum, Water glass, etc.)
  4. Cement
    (Portland cement, Aluminate cement, Sulfoaluminate cement, etc.)
  5. Concrete
  6. Mortar
  7. Masonry Materials
    (Dimension stone, Bricks, Blocks, Construction panel, etc.)
  8. Roofing materials
  9. Asphalt
    (Asphalt Material, Asphalt Mixture)
  10. Building Functional Materials
    (Waterproof materials, Fireproof materials, Thermal insulation materials, etc.)
  11. Polymer Materials
    (Natural Polymer Material-Wood, Synthetic Polymer Materials (Building Plastics, Rubber, Synthetic Fibers, Adhesives, Coatings))
  12. Other materials used in civil engineering applications
    (Materials used in pavements, bridges, buildings, and environmental systems (including water treatment), etc.)